Zollinger Electro Co. The Fourteener Fuzz “Powder White”

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Fourteener is a mix of 3 Fuzz circuits,
Tone Bender MK1.5, VOX Tone Bender,
and Fuzz Face. These 2 are loaded with
NOS capacitors and transistors on a
turret board. 1 NOS Soviet Russian
germanium and 1 Texas Instruments gold
pin germanium transistor. Internal
trimmer for impedence/clean signal to
help work with hot pickups or some
effect such as wah used before the
Fourteener. Externality from left to right
the knob layout is Level, Bias, Gain. Bias
knob fully counterclockwise will give you
fun gated crunchy texture. Ideal bias is
set with the bias knob indicator at noon/
12 oclock on the dial. Gain knob is usable
in its entire range from down low to full
out fuzz. For vintage fuzz settings bias at
noon/gain at max clockwise