TEFI Vintage Lab Maccheroni Bros Dual Overdrive “Psychedelic Version”

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Mint condition with original box !

Maccheroni Bros is a dual overdrive consisting of two
distinct circuits, designed to create a wide variety of
modern versatile American sounds. The two channels are
called Fred and Mike, both Italo-American bricklayers with
very different personalities.
Fred is lanky and placid, the 'good' brother. This
channel is based on the proprietary PCN circuit finely
calibrated to this role. It gives a creamy sound and dynamic
overdrive with sweet midrange sustain that favors a Legato
Mike, stout and short-tempered, the 'indomitable'
brother, produces the rock sound obtainable from a tube
amp pulled at full throttle. This channel provides good
sustain and presence with clear attack of every note
played. Its circuit is based on a J-Fet stadium, combined
with other circuits designed to obtain the best overall sonic
TEFI Vintage Lab created this dual overdrive for musicians
that need a wide variety of modern American overdrive
sounds. You can adjust Fred for delicate distortions and
Mike for the more aggressive kind, but their roles can also
be switched for maximum versatility.