Stone Deaf FX Kliptonite

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If Lex Luther was a fuzz fanatic, this would be his thang! The Stone Deaf Kliptonite is the thang in this case, a lot of squelchy, chewy Velcro fuzz with a mixture of tube-sound type overdrive. Yes it's a dual channel beast of a pedal that splits the input and output of an op amp and then biases both outputs to get one side fuzzy and one side tube sound like overdrive. Oh wait what the hell is a Mirror Mix? Erm durrr it's a feature to mirror the mixture of fuzz and overdrive of course, how dare you not know? Let me explain...If you’ve got 2 channels, one fuzzy and buzzy and the other one overdriven and lush but you want to mix them then that’s what a mirror mix does. So you can have 50% fuzzzzzzzz and 50% overdrive or 75% fuzz and 25% overdrive. Stomp on the mirror footswitch and flip it for 25% fuzz and say 75% overdrive. I know what your thinking. Cool as F**K isn’t it!? On top of the above, you have all the great ability to tweak and fine tune your tone to needle point accuracy or full on boosted tonal assault with our parametric based filters. Add expression and you have expression overdrive and expression fuzz.