Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII “Squadron 27” by D*A*M

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Excellent condition !

From Sola Sound:

' I can only thank the wizardry at David Main's house - I don't know what goes on in there but what comes out is nothing short of amazing !!! '

Skill and knowledge vs. snake oil and mojo. The clash of the titans! Who will win. Let's find out!

The Sola Tone Bender Professional MKII - The Hybrid . AKA The Squadron 27. The longest pedal name ever?

What is it? It's a Pro MKII that uses only one germanium transistor, and mild sprinkling of low level witchy design skills.

The idea was to replicate the sonic characteristics of David Main's vintage Vox Pro MKII (which is a very nice example) at what He'd consider to be its optimum operating temperature, as in, when it's performing and sounding at it's finest. For all intents and purposes, this pedal does sound like a fully loaded germanium device. Really.( yes it does - Ant )

The input transistor is a germanium device, a Philips AC127 to be exact. The NPN equivalent of the AC125. The two silicon transistors within the circuit are very peculiar gain specific devices.

This peculiarity and careful parts selection do what I'd want a germanium device to do. Tonally the germanium warmth is very much present but minus any movement in the bias when the pedal is at higher operating temperatures.