Sola Sound Tone Bender MKIV (OC82D) “Kawasaki Green” By D*A*M

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From Sola Sound:

We present this MKIV in Lime 'Kawasaki' Green!

It's voicing is inspired by one of Dave Mains favorite Pedals - a late MKIV in a silver case . . .that's all well and good but the way that sound is achieved in this pedal is totally genius !!!

Four Germanium Transistors ???? 2 NK 212s and 2 OC82Ds . . . . .don't be ridiculous Macari ! A MKIV doesn't have four transistors !

Correct - take a closer look and you'll see one of those transistors has just two legs and is acting as a germanium diode !

The result is the sound . . of freedom - this is a full on mids , wind in your hair , summer saturation of fuzz

have to say the word Hawkwind sprang to mind !

I would challenge any guitar player not to love this pedal - its an instant keeper

and its green !