Sola Sound Tone Bender MKIV “Brozilian” by D*A*M!

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From Sola Sound:


Have you ever gone into a restaurant and thought – hmmm – summer spicy tomato soup sounds good? Then it arrives and you think – wow – nice . . .quite powerful – then you realise – it’s really a little more powerful than you thought – then a few spoonfulls later – you think F%7K – the chef’s trying to kill me !!!! Well, that’s kind of how I felt plugging this new MKIV in for the first time. It’s a sister pedal to last year’s summer sizzler – the Brazilian. It’s been nicknames the Bro-zillian – more pain involved!!

If you like your tone bender with a bit of MK1 flavour plus some mk4 sizzle then here is this years offering for the summer – This pedal loves the heat – we say in the autumn and winter get your Mk1 , 1.5 and 2 out , in the summer let loose the MK4s !!!

What you get: all the sustain and ballsy sweetness of a vintage MK4 courtesy of the green jacket Mullard OC82D but the gnarl of a MK1 supplied by the two Texas Instrument transistors. The surprising bit is how the usual roll off and clean up works. Instead of the usual crunch to full on fuzz between 7 and 10 on most germanium pedals this one seems to clean up from 5- 8 and then a hot fizz and sizzle is added between 8 and 10 – it’s a nice surprise!! Roll right back and really nasty MK1 gate starts to happen – this pedal really does take you to some new fuzzy places!

There will be 40 in total – all in this crazy tomato soup colour – spicy - to say the least