Sola Sound Tone Bender MK 1.5 “Zoë” By D*A*M

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From Sola Sound:

‘ If you asked Dick Denney to build a silicon 1.5 in a thin case , I reckon this is what he would have made !’

I think that says it all . The Sound is 1.5 Tone Bender but maybe a little more aggressive than our Goldie . It’s silicon so the clean up is less subtle . The likeness to Dicks One Knob fuzz design is reflected in the geography of the circuit board and the transistor selection BC108 and BC108C . The case is that fishskin shiny black hammer with Gold print .
This pedal rips your head off and spits it out beside your 4x12 , but then it has a warm side , so sort of snuggles up and gets all friendly after a while .