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Sola Sound Colorsound Wow Fuzz By Stu Castledine

Sola Sound Colorsound Wow Fuzz By Stu Castledine

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Very good condition!!
From Sola Sound
A few word from David Main . . .
Ah, the inductor based circuit you say. Been awhile since Colorsound did that, ay? That’s right and who better to achieve time machine like accuracy on such a wah circuit than monsieur Castledine of Castledine Electronics. From the reproduction circuit board to the custom wound vintage specification inductor, this is a genuine Colorsound wah in everyway. The huge soaring sweep, highs that level mountains and low mids that sink ships. Nothing chukka-wah’s like a Colorsound. Buddying up along side this specially flavoured wah circuit we have the authentic fuzz stage as featured in all the early Colorsound Fuzz-Wah’s. This transistorized silicon fuzz circuit is biased for a smooth and mellow fuzz tone.

A superior quality vintage voiced Fuzz-Wah made into an authentically styled reproduction enclosure pressed on the very machines as the original 1970’s pedals. Featuring a new and improvement wah treadle action with the classic Colorsound ‘extended frequency’ response driven by a heavy duty long life potentiometer.

Professionally powder coated and chromed for the ultimate in vintage bling.

Castledine Electronics designed board layouts. Custom specification inductor and wah board assembly all done by Stuart Castledine.
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