Sola Sound Colorsound Tone Bender Distortion by D*A*M!

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From Sola Sound:
So – what’s the story here?

I have to say it’s just about the coolest story ever!

I was doing one of my tours of England where I visit all our insanely talented pedal builders and was having a coffee and looking through old stock at Jake Rothman’s place when I spotted 3 old pedal enclosures.

They were for the plain grey Dick Denney integrated circuit board tone bender we made in the 80s! Just sitting there with their stickers on a roll next to them – never used – amazing!!

But it got better. Jake produced a whole back of the little white op-amp circuit boards – still new – still addressed to Dick!!!

Totally blown away, I took them with me and continued on my journey – David Mains place . . .

Yes, you guessed it – it got better. .

After another coffee, yes I was probably drinking too much coffee; I mentioned the find to Dave who produced from a cupboard . . . . . . . . . A bunch of original OP-AMP integrated circuits!!!

And there was me thinking we were going to make these boards into earrings or keyrings!

That was six months ago. We now have this fantastic new / old pedal.

Made in a case similar to the original Eurotec / Marquee/ Colorsound case.

It’s called a Tone Bender but it doesn’t sound like or vintage style stuff – it’s an 80s thing – almost fuzz meets overdrive, but it’s called a Tone Bender and it’s made by Sola Sound so in my book that makes it a Tone Bender – yesssssssss !!!

I don’t recall anything like this happening before. I mean it is proper Sola Sound style – find a bunch of stuff and make it into something but this really is a bit special.