Sola Sound Colorsound Tone Bender 1990’s with Unitrode Glass Ceramic Caps from British Aerospace!

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From Sola Sound:

so . . .If you ever visited our shop in Charing Cross Rd you may have noticed a bunch of pedals mounted on the wall - all signed by customers - Joe Strummer - Chris Martin - Billy Gibbons _ Noel Gallagher - j Mascis - Gary Moore- loads of cool dudes !

Well - We've obviously moved them with us but we had a thought - those circuits inside those pedals should be being played and heard . We can keep the shells for the new store and re-house the old circuit boards in our totally cool new silver cases - great idea !!!!!

Well , it seemed like a good idea at the time

Except our new cases have power supply input and LED indicator holes - It wasn't just a matter of taking them out and popping them in a new case .

So , we sent them to the master of this circuit - Jake Rothman . He checked them all over . repaired any minor faults - all dry joints dealt with , he built a power stage and added an LED - so
MID 90S circuit with Unitrode Glass Ceramic Caps bought from British Aerospace !!!!!! rehoused in a brand new case with added sprinkles