Sola Sound Colorsound Supa-Fuzz “Red on Yellow” By D*A*M

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From Sola Sound :
The Colorsound Third Run

So what’s this all about?

Well, in true Sola Sound style this is a pedal that started off as something special then turned into something else – something REALLY special!!

You may remember that a couple of years ago, we decided to make a sub £ 200 fuzz. We used cases left over from the Bum Fuzz project and called it the cheap ass bum fuzz – they all sold.

Well, we wanted to carry on, so we made a bunch of cases intending to make another high quality but affordable pedal (Huge thanks to Alan Murray who designed it as always and a massive thank you to Electric Warrior who cleaned it up and added the arrows of funkiness)

It nearly happened, but something came up.

Dave Main discovered a weird Jumbo Tone Bender anomaly – a few 70s models with a fourth stage of gain that was never in circuit and a backwards transistor to boot – surely it was never meant to exist ! But in true fuzz nerd style we decided to develop the idea as if it WAS meant to exist. Dave built the adapted circuit into a sort of Jumbo Supa Tone Bender. We housed it in our Batman logo case and it became the Bat Supe. It sounded frankly, incredible!!

Soon after all this madness the new cheap ass project cases arrived. The intention was to make them with a regular Jumbo Tone Bender circuit inside like the cheap ass bum fuzz, but with this new ‘fourth stage of gain ‘ discovery Dave started pushing me towards and affordable Bat Supe pedal , no vintage mojo parts , but still great components , single screen on the case , cheaper knobs .

I resisted . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . For almost 3 minutes.

Two weeks later he sent me the prototype . . . . I plugged it in and another 3 minutes later gave it the green light!

Basically, if you own all the fuzzes we’ve ever made, you still need this one – it’s like having the best Jumbo Tone Bender ever but where a Jumbo normally runs into over-dark bass when you back the treble off , this supplies the most focused and useable bass laden fuzz sounds I have ever heard - Its powerful , full of amazing overtones and is just different – its killer !

The first run was 50 orange and black print – the second run blue with orange print - this is the third red on yellow - super cool !

There will be more runs but get yourself one of just the second run ever of this new before produced fuzz pedal – you will NOT regret it!