Reuss Big Bender w/Original Box!

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The Reuss Big Bender is based on the 1970s jumbo tonebender pedal – which departed completely from the previous tonebender generations in circuit design
The vintage Jumbo (also known as the Bum Fuzz) had a wonderful sound, but it was also a quirky design with some shortcomings. For the Reuss Big Bender, we fixed those. The vintage sound and circuit is all there, but we have added a make-up gain-stage to obtain a strong and satisfying output level (the vintage circuit was weak) and we added an output buffer, making this a modern and less quirky pedal.

Soundwise the Big Bender really is BIG. It’s a huge, crisp, full-frequency wall of noise. Like a sharper and more focused muff fuzz. Not bees-in-a-can like some vintage silicon fuzzes. The tone control operates much like a muff tone control.

The vintage Jumbo tonebender design has a pronounced low-end, which makes it much loved by bass players, but I find it a bit too much for guitars, so we added a switchable ‘tight’ mod to the Big Bender, which makes the low-end much less boomy (switchable via DIP-switch inside). I ship the pedal in ‘tight’ mode, because it sounds amazing.

The iconic fuzz sound of Edwyn Collin's 1990s evergreen 'A Girl Like You' was recorded with a vintage Bum Fuzz / Jumbo tonebender, and the Big Bender delivers this sound.