Rad Sauce Electronics Star Seed Fuzz

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Rad Sauce Star Seed Fuzz
Rad Sauce Electronics is a small shop out of Austin,
Texas with a penchant for making hand-built effects and
gadgets. This Star Seed fuzz is Rad Sauce's
clone of the very rare Earth Sound Research Graphic
Fuzz pedal. The Graphic Fuzz has become somewhat
of a holy grail for fuzz-lovers. With a minimalistic, yet
enthralling design layout and its oscillating Op-Amp fuzz
sounds, what's not to love? The pedal hosts a LM741CP
Chip that with its Filter and Boost knobs producing a
70's style fuzz that is reminiscent of 'Muffs' from that era.
With a fuzz sound often described as Gnarly, spacey,
heavy, and broken; The Star Seed recreates one of the
most obscure, rare, and unique fuzz pedals in this star
This Rad Sauce Star Seed fuzz is in excellent condition
and is fully functional. Original box is included