Rabbit Hole FX Phaser w/Original Box!

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In the Rabbit Hole we design + build bold effects that are loud not only visually but audibly as well, and have a wide range of functionality... such that we've been told the simplicity of the "Phaser" name is insufficient to describe how much this pedal can actually do for you. 8-stages of analog provides warmth and richness to your tone characteristic of a well-loved classic, but our modern design has a full sound that's unexpectedly large for being in a box so small. You can choose for this Phaser's 'vocal' effect to range in movement from buttery-soft and-sweet to full-on chaotic ring-mod-like insanity to suit your moods and style.

The Phaser allows for fine-tuning to your instrument and rig via 3 knobs:

Depth – vortexitude.
Feedback – constructive criticism but like, the opposite of that.
Rate – controls the speed of your swirl… man.

Features Include:

Top-mounted input/output/power jack.
Industry standard 2.1mm 9VDC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery) Note: min power requirement is 500 mA at 9V
Small 125B sized pedalboard friendly enclosure.
Carling soft-switching relay-based True Bypass footswitch and all analog circuitry.
Turquoise LED indicator with internal trim pot to adjust brightness.
Enclosures are both machine and hand-polished to a mirror finish.
Durable and high-resolution UV Printed labeling and art.
Satin multi-purpose swag bag.
High quality parts used throughout for superior and consistent performance.
CE including ROHS compliance per European safety standards.
Forever Warranty.