ProAnalog Devices Manticore Constellation V1.2 Special Edition 2019

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Mint condition with original box !

This special edition Constellation V1.2 model is a step beyond the first edition hand wired Manticore V1 that was featured on That Pedal Show in 2017. That pedal placed #3 on their top 10 Best Pedals of 2017 end of year show. Constellation V1.2 is completely hand wired, serialized and signed by Scotty himself one at a time with hard wired 3PDT true bypass switching. It is hand built the same way as the original with a few sonic improvements over the 1st Manticore that feature newly selected opamps that lowers the current draw from 13mA in the original, down to 6mA, has less top end "hair" and an overall fatter, smoother overdrive tone and feel.

Constellation Control Layout

Level --- Volume
Treble --- Active and dynamic treble circuit, that boosts or cuts treble, as well as adds or subtracts gain.
Gain --- This is the overdrive control, which lets you dial in the amount of clipping from the overdrive section of the circuit.
Drive --- A clean boost control that drives 3 active filter networks, including treble, mids, and lows. Using this knob to dial in a clean boost enhances the sound of your amp that adds fattness, harmonics and richness to your tone.