Pine-Box Customs Siren

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SIREN- Any of a group of female and partly human creatures in Greek mythology that lured mariners to destruction by their singing.
SIREN is a single channel chorus/vibrato derived from its larger sister, Sirens.
From subtle movement, all the way to devastation upon the rocks, Sirens can offer you warm, traditional, all analog chorus sounds or a fully wet warble.


MIX- blends the wet and dry signal. chose between 100% dry or 100% wet.
DEPTH- adjusts the LFO signal. from no movement to a deep modulation.
SHAPE- Blends between two waveforms. Triangle and d
RATE- sets the speed of the LFO.
LAG- sets the delay time for the LFO.

True Bypass
High quality Neutrik jacks
Enclosures printed and painted by Pine-Box.
High quality Wima & Nichion Capacitors
Built from start to finish in the USA
9V Standard negative ground power