Pigdog Space Face Custom Purple Burst 66’ Arbiter Specifications

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From Steve Williams:
Space Face
This is one of my Fuzz Face rebuilds. Occasionally I take custom orders from customers who have a recent Fuzz Face and want it rebuilt to original 1966 Arbiter England specifications.  So, this is a Fuzz Face enclosure which has been completely gutted, stripped and then professionally refinished. 
The finish is by a professional airbrush artist. The photos should show all you need to know, this one is in purple burst type, it is beautifully done and to a very high gloss. Text is in gold. 
The circuit is accurate to a vintage original (1966) Fuzz Face (issue 1, Arbiter England PCB) with a carefully selected set of Newmarket CV11175's (military spec NKT210's) which measure the same as NKT275's found in original 1960's Fuzz Face's.
Traditional vintage germanium transistor Fuzz Face tones are easily found here. Does not sound wooly or muddy like some Fuzz Faces can, plenty of bite to get your fuzz tone heard and of course it cleans up perfectly from your guitars volume control. There is tons of fuzz on tap here, though it maintains its vintage character, has a very good signal to noise ratio and also more volume available than you will find in vintage originals.
The base plate is custom made and is an exact replica as you would find on an original early 1966 Arbiter England Fuzz Face and includes small rubber feet. 
Jack sockets are by Cliff UK, very high quality true mechanical bypass switch, potentiometers are Citec UK. All internals have been replaced, 100% handmade and tuned by me, Steve Williams. None of the parts within the donor case are used.