Pigdog Juju MKIII “Silver/Gold”

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From Steve at Pigdog :
JuJu is a small case MKIII Tone Bender with LED and powered by a 9V battery or an external DC power source.

No circuit mods, no tweak this and no tweak that. No excuses, this is a full on MKIII, warts and all.

JuJu is based on one of my original MKIII Tone Benders.

I designed the circuit board layout so that it makes sense to me for the build, fits in the small case easily and looks nice.

Its a Vero/strip board circuit board construction and mounted on a nice custom made bracket just like the MKII’s.

The transistors I have used are 1960′s new old stock CV5712 (Military OC71′s) and an OC75.

This is a three transistor circuit, but there is a naughty fourth transistor which is used as a diode in accordance with some of the original units from back in the day.

Huge amounts of fuzz and volume, low signal to noise ratio, a nice wide band tone control. Cutting treble through pronounced mids and fat lows. This is an old-school meets no-school rude little fuzz pedal.

Whilst the circuit is all about the MKIII, the case obviously does not try to replicate the vintage units. Tarty 1960′s BIBA style graphics and violet/purple coat, fuzz connoisseurs will notice that I have made the middle knob the Tone control. I just thought that having the Level and Fuzz knobs nearer the outer edges makes it easier for adjustments on the fly (or by the boot) easier.

The Hammond diecast boxes are IP65 rated (dust and water ingress protection) and come with rubber gaskets (supplied but not fitted). The screws also have their own small rubber grommets/gaskets (fitted).