Pigdog Fuzz Gear (2020) “Red/White”

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Mint condition with original box !

From Steve at Pigdog:
Fuzz Gear
A replica of the early 70's Top Gear silicon fuzz. Kind of similar to a Fuzz Face, but with component variations.
I have built these the same way as the early (pre-PCB) Top Gear units, vero-board with some point to point type work. It is pretty much exact to the circuit, though I have opened up the transistor biasing a bit so as to increase its full fuzzy potential. This is a dark sounding fuzz, early 1970's full frontal assault.
A fairly difficult unit to build and making it all fit in such a small enclosure was time consuming. On occasion, I thought I might blackout building these, so only a limited number available and I can't say I want to do more.
Anyways, they are done and ready to ship. Treat yourself to one if you want to know what the crazy kids were playing through 1972 style.
Stay safe and well amigos, peace!