Nightfall Sound Co. Black Goo Synth Fuzz!

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From Nightfall Sound Co;
It all started on a dark rainy Midwest day. I was drinking coffee in the basement, disassembling an old 4 track cassette recorder when I noticed a strange tingle in my noise followed by a very musty smell. It seemed harmless at first but as I dug deeper into the old machine I began to see something strange. There were small black goo deposits in various places throughout the cavity. I was confused and a little nervous as to what it might be, but with a little research I was able to come up with a solid answer. Black goo-is what (sometimes) old cassette tape turns into after years of neglect. I will never forget that musty smell. It is like as if it’s always resting somewhere in my nose now, and certainly in my basement. That same night I was breadboarding a fuzz circuit and somehow that black goo accidentally made it’s way onto the breadboard. I had no choice but to name it Black Goo.

Black Goo is somewhat of a synth-like fuzz that was created with baritones and bass in mind. It sounds best down low. On a regular electric guitar you will get some dying battery tones on high notes.

Nightfall Pedal Co. pedals are handmade and will differ slightly in appearance.

*9v jack