Movall Firefly Overdrive

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Movall Pedal MM-03 Audio Firefly Overdrive Micro True Bypass

Based on the tones of the famous Honey Drive the Fire Fly delivers smooth, responsive, and amplifier like tones at the click of a button.

True Bypass construction.
Adjustable Dynamic Overdrive by the Glow Control Knob.
Volume & Touch (Gain) Control
Input Impedance: 500k
Output Impedance: 10k
Current: 10mA
LED illuminated Dial – Indicates When The Pedal Is On
Measures 1 1/2 ” W x 3 3/4″ H x 1 1/4 ” D
9V AC Adaptor power Only (This pedal cannot be powered by battery)
Vol: Adjusts the Output Level of the Unit.
Touch: Adjusts the touch sense of the Overdrive.
Glow: Adjusts the Gain.

Measures 93mm x 38mm x 32mm, Weighs 260g
True Bypass – Eliminates Signal Interference when Pedal is Off

(This pedal can’t be powered by battery)

Uses a standard Boss style 9V DC Adapter- Not supplied