Maxon OD-9 Creamdrive (Limited Edition)

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Brand new condition with original box.

The legend, in a limited Cream finish. Limited to 250 units for the European Market.
For over 50 years, Maxon has been renowned for its effect
pedals ever since Maxon's parent company Nisshin Onpa
started designing them in 1969. However, their products
were not marketed under their own brand originally outside
of Japan and were sold worldwide under other well-known
brand names (OEM), such as Ibanez. Eventually, the
commercial relationship between the two firms grew
stronger in the 1970s, to a point where Hoshino Gakki
(owner of the Ibanez brand) became Nisshin Onpa's most
important client.
In 1979 Nisshin Onpa developed the legendary Ibanez
Tube Screamer TS-808 overdrive, while also selling it
under their own brand in Japan as the Maxon OD-808
Overdrive. This pedal became a worldwide success and
was seen on pedalboards everywhere. Stevie Ray
Vaughan used two of them in series on his board, plus
other famous guitarists like Gary Moore, Eric Clapton,
Santana, Rory Gallagher, Steve Stevens and Marty
Friedman, just to mention a few, were using it too.
Although the OD808 may have been the first overdrive
circuit of its kind, it was the TS-9/OD-9 that cemented this
sound in the history of Rock & Roll guitar with more gain
and bite. When Maxon re-released the pedal in the 21 st
century, it was a true-to-spec reissue of the legendary
1980s OD-9/TS-9 JRC4558D circuit. They also improved
the output section in order to lower background noise, plus
added True-Bypass switching giving clean, uncoloured
tones for when the pedal is off.
Made exclusively for the European market, the limited-
edition OD-9 Creamdrive provides that same world-famous,
unique gain and natural overdrive of the original Tube
Screamer® design, but in a classy semi-gloss black
enclosure. Still, 100% made in Japan, the pedal features
an entirely analog circuity equipped with the celebrated
JRC4558D op-amp, to deliver its unique smooth tube-like
natural overdrive, all without sacrificing your guitar tone.
The pedal can also be used as a clean boost, without
altering your signal