Keeley Royal Blues OC44 (Ultra Rare Custom Shop Limited Edition) Serial #0001

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Extremely Rare!. Serial #1 Keeley Royal Blues Ranger. Only 15 ever made with the extremely rare Mullard Yellow Jacket Blue Glass OC44. I’m in no rush to sell it, and that’s reflected in the price. Serious offers all considered, but this is a truly special collectors piece, that I hope finds its way into a very special collection.

From Keeley (2016):

Keeley is offering 3 different vintage fuzz designs with the über rare Yellow Jacket Blue Glass OC44 by Mullard. The holy grails of transistors, these 1960’s Made in Great Britain transistors were used in some of the very earliest effects ever made. And their tone is legendary. Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, and Tony Iommi crafted their tonal origins through this exquisite piece of germanium and glass. Today these transistors go for $100 each on eBay… when and if you can find them.

Cad é Ton ?

What is tone? Tone is the Mullard OC44. Nothing sounds as perfect to my ears as a treble booster circuit into a cranked Marshall. There is no element of the tone or distortion which needs modification or tweaking. Do you know how many times a studio engineer has told me that a guy walks in with a Marshall and just plugs in, and is then instructed to just listen for a second to the Keeley Java Boost installed? Many times over the years. From Metal God to current Yardbird axeman, it’s all the same. Nothing trumpets tone like the Mullard OC44 yellow jacket.

Ménage à Trois

I have only 45 of these rare jewels left in my collection. I don’t think the opportunity will exist that I can buy these in lots of 500 ever again. (Do I miss the early 2000’s some times!) What I have decided to do is to create three of my favorite vintage fuzz tones with this transistor. I think that the Dallas Rangemaster, the Tone Bender, and Fuzz Face are the cornerstone devices that begat the effect world. In this Germanium Triangle that is the Royal Blues OC44, you can pick which of your favorite fuzzes to own with a Mullard OC44 in it!