Keeley Roto Sonic Rotary Speaker Custom Shop Limited Edition w/Original Box!

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The Keeley Roto Sonic features three Dopple-Swirly-Vibey sounds! It’s a three-mode pedal with custom crafted rotary speaker effects. The three modes are Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-S mode, and U-Vibe. Fill the stage with organ tones as rich as a dark lacquer. These Doppler effect tones are based on vintage speaker cabinet designs. So dead on perfect, you’ll swear you can hear the motor Wurrr. Keeley’s DSP has taken these vintage speaker and rotary sounds to a higher level. The Roto Sonic is amazing in detail and nuance, and not just another chorus of bad sounding phasers.

Doppler Effect Swirl Maker
Two Brown Cabinets and YuniVibe. It’s Where It’s At!
Any flavor as long as it’s chocolate – Rotary, Vibro, or U-Vibe
Rate and Depth, set the organ grinder’s pace and space
Blend in the perfect amount of clean tone, so you’re never lost in the mix
Internal Vintage/Modern LPF, to smooth it on over
9 VDC, 70mA, no battery option
Designed and Made in the USA