Keeley Monterey Special Custom Limited Edition Germanium Fuzz

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The Monterey Special Custom Germanium is a fuzz, octave, vibrato, rotary and harmonic wah all in one, producing an exciting blend of some classic tones, while opening the gateway to much sonic exploration.
The Fuzz channel features Level and Fuzz controls, and is designed to give off a rich, smooth, full, classic two transistor fuzz tone. Using modern Fairchild Seminconductor gain transistors, the fuzz tones are responsive and dynamic, but aren’t affected by temperature the way past germanium-related pedals have been known to display. Equally at home with single coils or humbuckers, this is a nice fuzz, and it sounds even better when mixed with the modulation section of this pedal.
A small, centrally-located three-way toggle lets you select between the 3 main modes. Kool Vibe is a lush vibrato mode, very deep and rich, and able to get into trippy, psychedelic phaser-ish sounds with ease. Use the Octave control to add in some doubling and synth-y sounds as well. Les Rotary is the next mode, and is a fantastic Leslie rotating speaker emulator. Simulating both the lower drum and upper horn sections of the original cabinets, this mode also does doubling, as well as getting into some sweet chorus sounds. Here, the Octave controls the volume of the horn or tweeter sounds, letting you adjust to taste to get the perfect mix.