Keeley GEx2 Germanium Compressor & Overdrive Custom Shop Limited Edition w/Original Box!

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Limited to 100 units.

The GEx2 has been carefully crafted to deliver professional, Germanium-powered Compression and Overdrive, which come together to give you the premium control over your guitar tone. The GEx2 is a sound 19 years in the making!

Compressors and Overdrive are a fundamental part of the guitar recording process. They are also essentials for live guitar performance. You have two ways you can combine the beautiful midrange of overdrive and the benefits of compression and sustain. Most people run compression before overdrive in order to reduce the potential for idle, static noise. There are times when you want added sustain and therefore might need the compressor after overdrives, because using compressors after overdrives offers players a very warm and rounded, smooth and even tone with tons of sustain. And then you may need to return to the conventional routing, because compression before drives gives you a consistent gain level. Problem solved! Each half of the flexibly routed Keeley GEx2 Compressor + Drive provides tons of volume for boosting and pushing your amp, with each half offering essential tone shaping controls to perfectly sculpt the core of your guitar’s sound.

The GEx2 Germanium Compressor + Drive comes with TRS insert jacks to allow you to divide the pedal into two units. Insert effects between the two sides! Compressor into delay into overdrive, anyone? Maybe swap that for overdrive into delay into compression.

For nearly two decades, from nearly every Nashville session-ace to the praise and worship player at church, from Steely Dan, Steve Vai, Johnny Hiland, Daniel Donato, Arianna Powell, to Nicholas Veinglou, the Keeley Compressor and various Keeley Overdrives have been a part of these performing, recording, and touring sounds. Now, these two epic tones are together in one Germanium-fueled stomp box that is easy to use and full of features.