Keeley Caverns Reverb / Delay V1

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Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb - v1
The Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb combines a full-
featured 1-second delay with a studio-quality multi-mode
reverb. With its newly designed dual DSP platform
engineered completely in house, the Caverns provides
incredible tone and new delay and reverb effects in a
compact pedal. The reverb and delay on the Caverns can
be used individually or combined together, providing a rich
and diverse range of sonic options in a low-noise design.
The Reverb Channel of the Caverns features 3 unique
modes including:
Modulation Mode - Introduces pulsing modulation to the
reverb to add musical inspiration and provide a different
take on normal reverb effects
Studio Plate Mode - Delivers studio-quality reverb with
adjustable pre-delay reflections for the ultimate
Shimmer Mode - Enables control over the reverb with an
additional and prominent emphasis on octave-up voices for
another unique creative twist