JHS Unicorn V1 Uni-Vibe Pedal w/Original Box!

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The original Uni-Vibe pedal developed during the late Sixties was a primitive, early attempt at creating a phase shifter, and for decades nothing else sounded like it.

Then along came various reproductions and clones, which offered similar thick, chewy swirling sounds with varying degrees of success.

Today, finding a good Uni-Vibe pedal isn’t as much of a challenge as it was two decades ago, but rare is the beast that offers guitarists something a little bit different in terms of features and functionality.

With its all-analog circuitry and tap tempo function, the JHS Unicorn is one such device, providing genuine classic Uni-Vibe sounds as well as modern upgrades that inspire new, creative ways to use this timeless effect.


Housed in an enclosure that’s about the same size as an MXR Flanger, the JHS Unicorn is larger than some recent Uni-Vibe-style pedals, but it’s still compact enough to comfortably fit on most pedal boards. Uni-Vibe enthusiasts know that photocell modulation is the key to authentic Uni-Vibe effects, and the Unicorn does not disappoint, using an all-analog signal path and photocell topology to provide authentic vibe tone.

Like the original, the Unicorn provides volume, depth (intensity), and speed controls (adjustable via a front panel knob or with an optional expression pedal), as well as a switch for selecting dry (chorus) or wet (vibrato) settings. New features include the aforementioned tap tempo footswitch (a separate footswitch connected to the tap/exp jack can also be used to control tap tempo) and a ratio control for selecting 1/4-, dotted 1/8–, 1/8-, or triplet-note speed ratios. A white bypass LED let users know if the effect is engaged, while the white tap tempo LED pulsates in time with the selected speed. The pedal operates with a standard 9VDC negative power supply.