Jext Telez Uni-Drive Overdrive!

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The Univox Uni-Drive is perhaps one of the great, white whales of pedal-dom, that is until Jext TELEZ set about putting everyone's Ahab-like quest to rest. After actually acquiring some genuine Univox pedals, Jext TELEZ determined to recreate the exact tone in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly, true bypass design. The arduous task ultimately produced the Uni-Drive, arguably the most accurate clone to date. Full, punchy low-end, but turn it up and enter, as Jext TELEZ puts it, "gnarl-land," or a heavenly plane where saturation gives way to enlightening, third-eye-opening overdrive, where communication is a textural, kinetic experience, where God is in everything, and Hendrix and Page number as your peers.

Brand: Jext TELEZ
Type: Distortion/Overdrive
Controls: Drive, Output
Power Source: 9VDC
True Bypass: Yes
Inputs: 1 1/4"
Outputs: 1 1/4"