Jext Telez Canyon Climber 2 (Limited Edition) “Purple/Blue”

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Custom Purple in Very good condition!

From Jext Telez:
Here is the new version of the Canyon Climber with graphics and
color schemes designed by Andrea Nakhla, designer of Jonathan
Wilson's 'Rare Birds' Album Cover. Exact same guts and tone as
the limited edition originals. All 4 colors now available are all the
exact same sound-wise, only differing in colors.
Jext Telez ripped apart Jonathan Wilson's Companion Fuzz. He
was pissed but he didn't press charges. Instead the judge ordered
that Jext Telez do an exact version of the pedal- nail the original
AND add a switch that boosts the output many times and flattens
out the response of the original while adding unreal sustain. Both
parties were well satisfied and retired deep into the Canyon to
So here it is. The Jext Telez Jonathan Wilson's Canyon Climber
fuzz pedal. Take Jonathan's original Companion that has already
appeared on countless amazing records. A stunning example of
the greatness of the Companion, played on records by Father John
Misty, Roger Waters, Jonathan Wilson and many others by
Then fix the shortcomings and add those to the pedal in a switch
which changes modes from the original to a newly third
transistorized version- boosted way the hell up in volume, flatten
out them freq's a bit, not too much, and add sustain for days and
long canyon nights.
You will be stunned by the same classic vibes that appeared on
countless spaghetti western themes, and made the landscape of
artists from Radiohead and the Black Keys to The Jesus and Mary
Chain- only now with improvements requested and dialed in by
Jonathan Wilson.
This is an instant classic and the Wilson designed artwork is as
stunning as the tones. Done in a rich 8 layered Silk Screen, this is
the pedal of your longing.