Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Sparkle w/Original Box!

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Ibanez has unveiled two brand-new Tube Screamer stompboxes at NAMM this year—a 40th Anniversary TS808 and the TSV808 made in collaboration with high-end boutique Japanese pedal manufacturer Vemuram, 40th Anniversary TS808. The new, limited edition anniversary TS808 was made to celebrate four decades of this pedal's exceedingly successful history. Ibanez made sure to all of the features that have made the stompbox so beloved, packing it with a JRC4558D IC chip and all-analog circuitry and preserving the familiar tone, overdrive, and level control face. Though promising to deliver the longstanding, classic tones characteristic of the Tube Screamer throughout the years, it's doing so with an entirely new look. Special to this edition is its Ruby Red sparkle chassis, which is the first time a Tube Screamer has been offered in this finish. In addition to the 40th anniversary TS808, Ibanez also unveiled the TSV808—an exciting hybrid of a stompbox that blends Ibanez's sensibilities with those of high-end Japanese boutique pedal builder Vemuram. After meeting the folks at Vemuram in Anaheim at the NAMM convention last year and seeing and hearing the tonally rich effects housed in the beautifully crafted brass chassis, Ibanez was driven to partner with the brand to create something great.