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Finch Electronics Scream! (2024)

Finch Electronics Scream! (2024)

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Brand New in Box! SCREAM! is not just another Tube Screamer.  This thing is both classic and turbocharged, offering both classic TS tones as well as plenty of switchable mods to find your perfect tone.  

Yell/Scream - Turns the classic medium overdrive tone of a TS into a high gain monster.   Makes a TS actually scream!

TS808/TS9 - The two most popular TS models at your command.

18/9 volts - With the integration of a charge pump into the SCREAM!, you can run typical 9 volts or 18 volts both off a 9v supply.  Keep it stock at 9, or get more headroom and transparency with 18.

Ah/Ahhh - This is geared more toward people using the SCREAM! as a boost or mild overdrive.  It allows you to control the minimum gain of the circuit.  In a typical TS circuit, the gain all the way down doesn't mean there is no gain.  Within a TS circuit there is a resistor controlling the minimum gain of the circuit.  When the switch is on, it utilizes a trim pot located inside the scream (adjustable) to bring the gain truly down to unity gain  (buffer), up to stock minimum gain, or anywhere in between.  Want the tube screamer tone without the gain? This is for you.  

A clip/S clip - This is a switch that allows you to choose between the options of Asymmetrical clipping and Symmetrical clipping of the diodes.  

Overall, it's not just a other tube screamer.  It's a fully customizable overdrive that is sure to make you SCREAM with joy!

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