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Finch Electronics Rain Drop Percolator Fuzz

Finch Electronics Rain Drop Percolator Fuzz

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Brand New in Box - From Finch: You've Heard of a Fuzz Face, you've heard of a Tonebender, but have you heard of a Harmonic Percolator?  The lesser known fuzz/distortion from the 70's is my favorite of the 3 classics.  The topology is completely different than most of the classics and produces an unrivaled, unique fuzz tone.

The Rain Drop is my version of the classic circuit with a few added options.  Unlike most mods people do in their own designs, this one can be controlled to be the same circuit of the classic HP.   The mods are available to use only if you want.  The circuit utilizes both germanium and silicon transistors.

On top of the standard volume and gain options, I have added the ability to run different clipping on the output to get more grit and volume output.  I have also added an additional control that acts as both an octave control and a pseudo tone control.  

Pick this up if you are a big fan of the classics as well as modern takes on the classics!  It sounds incredible, not just saying that because I designed it! - JF

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