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Finch Electronics Muffer Fuzzer (2024)

Finch Electronics Muffer Fuzzer (2024)

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Brand New in Box - Based on the original 1969-1970 Triangle Big Muff Pi, the Muffer Fuzzer allows you to dial in the classic Big Muff tone, but with the ability to add many different tonal characteristics to fully suit your fuzz needs.  With the integrated boost footswitch and knob, you can drive the hell out of the front end of the fuzz to surely cut through any mix.  Along with the classic controls, the Muffer Fuzzer adds a lot of other control options to sculpt your tone into whatever Muff you desire.

Controls are as follows: 

Tone – This knob gives you ultimate control over the original BMP tone stack.  You can go from     super dark to extremely bright with just a turn of the knob.

Sustain – This knob is essentially a gain control or “Fuzz” control.  

Starve – Turn this knob clockwise to increase the supply voltage up to whatever voltage you have plugged into it.  (9v, 12v, 18v) Turn it counter clockwise to decrease the voltage down to about half of the supply voltage. (9v = 4.5v, 12v = 6v, etc.) It was designed to replicate a dying battery.

Boost – With its integrated boost, you can drive the front end up to an extra +20db.  This feature can also be used as a stand-alone boost in front of any other pedal with the bypass switch on the Muffer Fuzzer turned off.  Use the Starve function in conjunction (lol that rhymed) with the Boost and Tone functions to get some really weird high/low octave glitchiness.


SI, DL, LED – This switch allows you to toggle between 3 different clipping options within the pedal.  SI = Standard 1N914 Silicon Diodes found in the original Big Muffs.  DL = Diode Lift.  Remove the clipping diodes completely from the circuit to get a significant volume boost alongside a little less in the gain department.LED = Red LED clipping.  This allows for more volume and more aggressive fuzz tone.

Tone Bypass – A simple and common mod for the Big Muff Pi that allows you to completely bypass the tone section of the circuit.  BMP tone stacks (especially when passive) are notorious for sucking the mids and volume out of your tone.  By toggling the tone bypass, you will hear a drastic mids bump accompanied by a volume bump as well.

Low Cut – This changes the value of the input/output capacitors to chop the muddy lows out of your tone.

Overall, if you are Big Muff fan or even just someone jumping on the fuzz train, this Finch Electronics Muffer Fuzzer has it all.  Classic tones mixed with fully customizable options is what I know I want.  

Top mounted jacks, True Bypass, and it will make your tone NOT suck

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