Epiphone '58 Korina Explorer 2001 Made in Korea with Gibson USA Case and Dimarzio Pickups

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Excellent example of a rare guitar. These early Korean made Explorers are incredibly well made, and have become harder to find. This is a excellent example from 2001, that is in great condition and plays and sounds amazing. The original pickups have been replaced with a Dimarzio Evolution in the Neck, and a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge making this a serious rock machine. The body is clean despite a few knicks and scrapes but nothing major. Incredible condition for a 20 year old guitar. Only downside is it appears the original sticker was on the pick guard for quite some time, because whenever it was taken off , the pick guard is noticeably faded around it, but this could be easily fixed by replacing the pick guard if wanted.

Get classic looks and tone at an affordable price. The Epiphone 1958 Explorer features a Korina body with a tight grain pattern and resonant tone.