Emerson Concord Utility Buffer Limited Edition w/Original Box!

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Maintain Your Tonal Integrity over Long Cable Runs

The Emerson Custom Concorde Utility Buffer will maintain a strong and clear signal for your electric guitar, even over long cables and through lots of pedals. It is built with top-quality audio components to restore the clarity and sparkle that can sometimes be lost when using multiple effects pedals or long cable runs. Built with an always-on design, the Concorde sports a bright white LED to let you know it is working to offer you the best tone possible. Once you experience having such a high-quality buffer on your pedalboard, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Emerson Custom Concorde Utility Buffer.
Premium audio-grade components

Emerson Custom uses only the highest-grade components in their Concorde Utility Buffer. They chose to go this extra mile for you to provide ultimate clarity and signal response from your guitar rig. There are many pedals out there with built-in buffers that lack the quality and versatility of the Concorde. So when you need top-of-the-line performance to make your guitar signal as clear and responsive as possible, give the Concorde a shot.
Can be placed anywhere in the chain for optimal performance

As a free-standing buffer, the Emerson Custom Concorde Utility Buffer can be used in the optimal location in your signal chain to allow all your equipment to run at maximum efficiency. Oftentimes it's best to use a buffer as the first thing your guitar sees, so you get a powerful, clean signal right away. But some vintage-style effects such as fuzz pedals prefer a straight guitar tone. So placing the Concorde after those will really bring them back to life.
Run it on 9 or 18 volts to optimize it for your rig

Running the Concorde at 18 volts is the optimal way to get its peak performance. But guitarists know that sometimes our pedalboards run on a power supply that can only provide 9 volts. You'll still be good to go. At 18 volts, you'll receive the most headroom and more touch responsiveness. But it can still perform at an amazing level when running in 9-volt operation. So no matter how you choose to power your Emerson Custom Concorde Utility Buffer, you're covered.
Emerson Custom Concorde Utility Buffer Features:

High-quality buffer
Premium components
Runs on either 9 or 18 volts for your preferred method of power
White LED indicator