Doxasound Steel String + Special Overdrive "ZENith" 2-in-1 Pedal Dual OD Dumble-Style SSS + ODS In a Box

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1590BB Enclosure
Top Mounted 1/4" & DC Jacks (9v to 18v input)
3PDT True Bypass Footswitches
Order Switching Toggle
"ZENith" -> "Steel String"
"ZENith" <- "Steel String"
Clone of the popular Overdrive made famous by Robben Ford
Gain, Level, Tone, and Voice controls
D-Style overdrive tones!
Clone of "Vortex's" Clean Steel String Overdrive/Boost
Gain, Level, and Filter controls
John Mayer clean tones
Essentially you have a Dumbel SSS on the RIGHT and a Dumbel ODS on the LEFT