Doxasound Omnicab & 5F6 “Kat” Amp/Cabinet Simulator!

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Description from builder:


Compact 125B Enclosure
3 Way Bypass toggle
UP = Only Cab Sim Engaged
MIDDLE = Both 5F6 Amp & Cab Sim Engaged
DOWN = Only 5F6 Amp Sim Engaged
Both are clones of boutique quality pedals.
Cab sim is a clone of the Omnicab Deluxe
Amp sim is a clone of the "Katbread" 5F6
The original has only 1 toggle that enables a "secret lead tone", but I separated the toggle to two toggles for a bit more versatility, so you can mix and match EQ & Gain toggle settings.
Before this I made a lot of amp/preamp circuits and none of them sounded as good as this one.
Can get a nice clean base tone (how I used it) and took all my drive pedals well.
You can also dial the gain knob to get a little bit of breakup. Extremely am
Top Mounted 1/4" In/Out & 2.1mm DC Jacks (Typical Center Negative)