Doxasound EP Booster + Klone + Mourning Glory + Green Wonder + Zenith Drive Clones 5-in-1 Overdrive!

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Great multi pedal from a great pedal builder. Youtube video below with audio examples.

Here are it's features:
5 Pedals in 1 Enclosure
1590DD Enclosure (7.38" x 4.7" x 1.3")
3x Order Switcher Toggles:

Toggle 1: EP Booster Very First or Very Last
Toggle 2: Klone -> MG or MG -> Klone
Toggle 3: Green Wonder -> Zen or Zen -> Green Wonder

EP Booster Clone

True Bypass Toggle Switch

External, 3 Way EQ Toggle

Klone KTR Clone

Clone of the coveted Klone

9v to 18v Internal Chargepump, per the original

Output, Gain, and Treble controls

"Mourning" Glory Clone

Clone of the popular Bluesbreaker variant

Modified with a 3 way Hi Cut Toggle for stock or 2 levels of cut

Volume, Drive, and Tone controls

"Tiny" Green Wonder Clone

Clone of the popular Tube Screamer-ish pedal (I really dig this one because of the Body knob! Can do tube screamer tones, but with more versatility!)

Modified with a 2 way toggle for stock or bat41 diode clipping (more saturated breakup)

Volume, Drive, and Body controls

"Zenith" Drive Clone

Clone of the popular Dumble style overdrive pedal