Doxasound Deluxe Beetle Fuzz Tone Bender, Green Ringer, OC2 Octaver, Auto Wah

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Compact 125B Enclosure
Top Mounted 1/4" & 9v DC Jack
True Bypass Footswitches & Toggles
LEFT FSW: Clone of the "Beetle" Deluxe Fuzz
Tonebender type circuit with flexible controls
Fat, Bias, Tone, Fuzz, and Level controls
Green Ringer/Tentacle Octave Up Toggle (Octave into Fuzz)
RIGHT FSW: Selectable Auto Wah or OC2 Octaver
Toggle switch assigns the RIGHT FSW to engage the Auto Wah or the OC2 Octaver
OC2: Modified Boss OC2, removed 2nd Octave (still plenty of low end)
OC2: Clean Blend and Octave controls
Auto Wah: Nurse Quacky Autowah (my favorite! A looooot better than the Snow White in my opinion)
Auto Wah: Range knob and internal Sensitivity trimmer
Auto Wah: NOTE: Careful with the Range knob when the Fuzz & Wah are both engaged, some high frequencies will squeal the fuzz!