Death By Audio Evil Fuzz!

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The Evil Filter is one of Death By Audio’s flagship pedals. Two styles of ridiculously ear-shattering fuzz and a crisp, sharp multimode filter with screaming resonance is hard to beat! We get it, though. It’s a lot. And it eats up a bunch of pedalboard real-estate. But hey, sometimes big crazy sounds come in big crazy packages. Or do they?

Enter the EVIL FUZZ. The Evil Fuzz takes both of the Evil Filter’s fuzz circuits – one starved and chewy, the other insanely blasted into wavefolded fuzzy destruction – and stuffs ‘em into a bite-sized, pedalboard-friendly, laser-etched enclosure for ruinous low-gain sounds, wicked harmonically-multiplied fuzz, and blown-out diabolically waveshaped artifacts galore. There's even a touch of super-sick blooming compression from the fuzz’s output (of which there is plenty) overloading through your rig!