Chase Bliss Audio MOOD (Limited Edition) “Blackout”

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Very good condition with original box!


The MOOD from Chase Bliss defies what we know a looper or delay to be: it is an ambience generation pedal somewhere between chaotic granulation and misty, ephemeral delay or reverb. A collaboration between Chase Bliss, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and DroloFX, the pedal's architecture is comprised of two distinct sections of processing.

The first is a series of micro-loopers that continuously record tiny sections of your sound. This creates a pulsating web of sounds that are sampled from your initial input over and over, slowly disintegrating over time. The second section derives its sound from a series of spatial effects that smear and dissolve your sounds into mist. This interconnection of effects creates an ecosystem in which sound is constantly recreated. MOOD replays its own memory of your sounds and slightly transforms them with each repitition, creating an effect that demands interaction rather than simply dialing in an effect setting (though it's great for that too).

At the heart of the pedal is its clock. The clock controls the pulse of these two effect processes, allowing you to navigate easily from cacophony to slower dirge-like tones. To make the pedal even more versatile, MIDI control is implemented as well—making it perfect for guitarists, synthesists, and studio musicians alike. On the upper panel there are a series of DIP switches that allow for further customization of the pedal's tone and responsiveness. This pedal is perfect for those who are interested in more experimental sounds that can yield chaotic, continuously evolving, and simply awe-inspiring results.


Micro-looper/delay perfect for creating continuously evolving ambience
Interactive looping and spatialization channels
Preset functionality
MIDI implementation
Clock control for shiftable tempo, and looping time
DIP switches for customizable pedal behavior