Boss DC-3 Digital Space-D (Blue Label)

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The DC-3 is the successor of the Dimension C (DC-2) pedal but it’s still quite different. The DC-3 is a digital device while the DC-2 was an analog pedal. The DC-3 doesn’t have the presets of the DC-2 but instead you can adjust the sound with the controls common to the other Boss chorus pedals.

Version differences

The name of the DC-3 was changed to “Digital Space-D” on later versions. The Digital Space-D was only sold in Japan
Boss Pocket Dictionary vol.6 (1989):

The DC-3 Digital Dimension is a new dimension effects unit which is totally digital, giving you clear, high quality dimensional sounds with perfect two-phase synchronization based on digital modulation. With chorus effects superior to those produced by conventional chorus effects, and which even surpass professional rack-mount units, this fully digital dimension unit provides 4 manual setting controls which let you create and custom-tailor over-whelmingly expansive effects with extremely accurate signal response.