Blue Colander Acidmaster MKIII (Mullard OC72)

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Excellent condition!

A magnificent take on the pretty versatile tonebender
MK3. He tweaked it to give it different vibe compared to the
original, like a pronounced brass-like midrange with
smooth/warm/dark treble content. Intense bass/low-mids
response, like all blue colander pedals. It has an incredible
amount of volume and sustain. Fuzz knob backed a little
and it delivers classic Mklli toanz. With fuzz knob maxed, it
gets sputtery with a blooming attack.
This is deluxe version built with original phenolic PCB
reproduction, Mullard OC72 transistors, Radiohm pots, tropical
fish caps and Philips electrolytic caps, carbon composition
resistors, European-made hardware. Battery powered only.