Analogwise Pedals Eat Your Heart Out Germanium Fuzz

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Handmade in Poland. Excellent condition.

Words from Analogwise:
pedals are built with three germanium transistor gain
stages. I took those transistors out of a sealed box myself.
They haven't seen daylight for the last 30 years. There is
something magical to it. And I think some of this magic has
found its way into those boxes.
In spite of the popular "germanium fuzz goes first in chain"
rule, those pedals don't really care where you put them
They also don't mind other, buffered pedals in front of
them. Both pedals are also immune to temperature
changes. I mean, if you take them out of schorching sun
and put them into a freezer, you will probably notice some
change in the tone. In regular conditions, however, the anti-
temperature-drift circuitry installed in both of them should
prevent that from happening. The pedals take regular 9V