Analogman Sun Bender Mk 1.5 Fuzz w/Original Box!

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From Analogman :

This is an exact Tonebender MK1.5 pedal topology, but with a few part values tweaked a bit for better performance. We made the BIAS resistor adjustable on the BIAS knob in the center of the pedal, as there are some great sounds to be had by running higher bias than normal. It gets brighter and cuts through better when it's overbiased. Some people like the bias lower for a deeper but softer sound. There is also a blue MASTER BIAS trimpot inside to set the center setting of the BIAS knob. We set it at 5V at the shop and normally you should not need to use that. But at high or low temperatures it can come in handy if the bias changes.

These can also get a cool GATED sound like a Tonebender MKI, by setting the MASTER BIAS a bit lower. Lately we are setting the internal knob a bit lower so that you can get these sounds by turning the center BIAS knob down all the way. It still allows for normal sounds by turning the bias up.

We also changed a capacitor value slightly to make it sound and work better. In addition, we added the CLEAN trimpot like our Sun Face, as it helps preset the pedal for cleaner, or less bassy tones that some people like, especially with hotter pickups. These clean up with a nice crunchy sound when you turn the guitar or the clean trimpot down. We recently changed a resistor value slightly to make them a bit louder. Some people, especially with humbuckers, were complaining that the normal MK1.5 was not loud enough for them, so this should help. Simply copying a schematic would have been easier, but we want to make the pedal as great sounding as possible, and allow it to work with various guitars and amps.

So this is our updated take on a MK1.5 Tonebender.