Analogman Maxon OD9 Silver Mod

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From Analogman:
The Maxon OD-9 introduced in the summer of '02, is a TS9 (looks exactly the same) with the correct JRC4558D chip, and it had a DPDT switch replacing the FET switching. This early OD-9 had "normal" bypass like an old 70s pedal but does not suck much tone when OFF. Since it is an exact TS9 circuit, we offer the same mods on the OD-9, either the CLASSIC or the SILVER mod, along with KWS option. In about 2004 they changed to a 4PDT true bypass micro switch and the new ones now do have true bypass under the stock switch rocker. This OD-9 should not be confused with the original 1984 Ibanez OD-9 which was not a tube screamer circuit (and very rare, I finally got one for my collection in 2007)

This OD-9 board has many parts removed in preparation for our SILVER mod. Much of it's TS9 circuit board is emptied because it no longer uses the TS9s FET switching. So there is less circuitry in your signal path for a clearer, purer tone. I recommend the OD-9 over the TS9 for best tone both ON and OFF. The true bypass switch is a little different feeling from a Boss or Ibanez switch. Like all true bypass pedals it goes down and back up to switch, unlike a momentary switch which just sends a pulse when you touch it.