Analogman ARDL20 Delay (400MS)

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Very good condition with Original box!

This Analog Man AR20DL Analog Delay is a BASIC analog delay, think of it as like a Boss DM2 or DM3. It's a basic pedal but the tone is really good. Like a DM2, it is not true bypass, but we tuned the buffer in it really well. So if you ever turn it off, you will have a nice strong signal going to your amp. I don't like more than a few buffers in your signal path, but if you have one, this is a good place for it to be (delays are usually at the end of your pedal chain).

The old Ibanez AD80 and some early DM2 pedals used the 3005 chip which works best at high voltage (the old AD80 used two 9V batteries to get 18Volts, which was internally regulated to 12V). The Maxon AD900 was another awesome sounding analog delay which ran at 12V with 3005 or 3008 chips. But most people prefer 9V power supplies and battery power for ease of use, so we made this delay with the 3205 chip which runs on 8V to 9V just fine, like the later DM-2 and DM-3 and original AD-9 pedals.

All delay pedals have two signal paths which are combined at the output - the "dry" signal (your normal sound) and the delayed or "wet" signal (the echoes or repeats). Our idea is to get a powerful tone, from a combination of the higher voltage (9V raw voltage) feeding the audio signal dry circuit, with good delay tone gotten from the wet BBD circuit driven by our internally regulated 8V supply.

So we think the AR20DL has a similar tone to the DM-2 with a 9V power source, or the AD-900 with a 12V power source. Ours is tuned for a strong, warm, and clear dry normal tone, with the delays tuned for a little more upper mids and highs to get through, for a little more clarity than most of the old delays. The decays are tuned for a smooth decay also.

This analog delay is SUPER easy to get self-oscillation/inifinite repeats going. Even at the longest delay time you don't have to turn the repeat knob up all the way. And it's not touchy like most delays, where it goes crazy and tries to destroy your amp and ears if you turn it up JUST A BIT too much. It's almost like a magic helping hand keeps the delays going but not to the point of pain.

An Alkaline battery will probably last about 30 hours in this pedal as it uses only about 14mA of current. The XL version only uses about 1mA more so it's also good on power. But a good 9V Boss PSA type adaptor is your best bet. Other transformer-based power supplies like pedalpower2, T Rex Fuel Tank, Dunlop Brick, etc are also recommended. DO NOT use an old style carbon battery in this pedal or the tone may be too bright, even when bypassed. These delays are finely calibrated for an alkaline battery or a 9-10V dc regulated power supply.