Analogman Albatross Deluxe “Light Blue”

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Mint condition with original box!

From Analogman :

David Gilmour found some unique, eerie sounds by plugging his wah-wah pedal in backwards and manipulating his tone knob for seagull sounds on the song ECHOES as heard Live at Pompeii.

The Albatross pedal allows doing this without having to hook your wah up backwards.

The Deluxe Version can also be used as a FIXED WAH, with the optional toggle and knob. This is the same as turning on a wah and holding it in a position, which can get some cool tones. The knob on the side should be set down all the way for seagull sounds and can be put anywhere for the fixed wah sounds.

Power jack, battery clip, and LED are standard, and like off handmade Analog Man pedals, it is true bypass when OFF.

The Albatross is controlled by the impedance of the signal entering the pedal.
To achieve the crying, fluttering effect, roll down your guitar's tone knob and you will hear the signal begin to rhythmically 'cry' or chirp.
You may find you can achieve the desired effect at different pitches with different pickup positions or tone knob settings.
Neck and middle pickup positions tend to be the most effective, but play around!