1984 Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension Chorus

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Excellent condition with Original Box !
The DC-3 is the successor of the Dimension C (DC-2)
pedal but despite the name similarity, it's quite different.
The DC-3 is a digital device while the DC-2 uses analog
electronics. The DC-3 doesn't have the presets of the
DC-2 but instead you can adjust the sound with the
controls common to the other Boss chorus pedals. The
chorus produced is a bit different from other chorus
units. Most chorus effects adds vibrato as the depth of
the effect is increased. The DC-3 does this too, but it
adds less vibrato than the others. The sound is often
described as dimensional, spacial and natural sounding.
The name of the DC-3 was changed from Digital
Dimension to "Digital Space-D" in 1989. At the same
time, Boss stopped offering the DC-3 to other markets
than Japan. There are no known circuit changes
between the different labeled DC-3s.